• Rock Engineering have created an all new Adventuring Wheelchair, called RockClimber (TM). Scroll down to SPEC for prices (£) & specs.
  • Wheelchair Adventuring is an extreme form of off-road exploring using powered wheelchairs enabling users access to terrain and locations never available before.
  • Rock Engineering will be working with pioneer Wheelchair Adventurer Nick Wilson to demonstrate what can be possible for future adventurers
  • In July 2024 RockClimber, & Nick Wilson, set a record for the highest truly unaided climb of Yr Wyddfa (Mt. Snowdon) in a powered mobility chair by climbing >1000m of the 1085m available.
  • RockClimber has over 1500Nm of torque and is capable of climbing terrain out of reach of any other powered mobility chair. If you are interested to commission your own RockClimber, then please contact the team here.

A video created by Nick Wilson which gives a glimpse of our journey and what the RockClimber is all about.

Find out more about Nick Wilson and the Snowdon Challenge below.

The Spec

  • Prices start from £33,250 + vat
  • Length: 1600 to 2000mm (400mm extendable suspension)
  • Width: 1100mm
  • Weight: 215Kg
  • Top Speed: 6Kph
  • Range: up-to 50Km (flat)
  • Power: 8kW (15bhp) 4x 2kW in-wheel motors
  • Battery Size: 2x 2.0kWh Lithium Ion
  • Standards: UN38.3 (Battery)
  • Steering: Manual hydraulic (Option: Joystick electric)
  • Numerous options

Keep Up To Date

You can keep up-to-date with the RockClimber and Nick by following our Linkedin below.